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August to May:

The Change for Prosperity Mentoring Program (CFP) mentoring and tutoring program it is directly aligned with the mission by providing a postsecondary education and career preparation program for youth from ages 13 - 18 in underserved communities in Valdosta, Georgia. The purpose of CFP is to help youth develop the relationships, opportunities, and resources to achieve well-being and success. Meeting those needs during adolescent development paves a successful road to adulthood. Change for Prosperity was created to keep youth on track for high school graduation and prepare them for higher education and adulthood. 


Change for Prosperity workshops hosted by Beautiful Creations by Chanel Inc., and local entrepreneurs, the workshops assist students in building life skills and self-esteem, while also providing educational support. Skills based workshops teach lessons about cooking, acting, finance (with a focus on savings and checking accounts), proper etiquette, resume building, interviewing skills, and even learning how to be a disc jockey! To build social skills and teach students how to establish and maintain healthy relationships, students engage in networking opportunities and are connected to mentors who provide support and advice. The Change for Prosperity Mentoring Program is directly connected to the Beautiful Creations by Chanel, Inc. mission of, “Enhancing the quality of education and self-esteem of our youth while enriching their lives to re-define them as the BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS they are!

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