Beautiful Creations by Chanel Inc. passion is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the quality of education and increasing the self-esteem of youth. Beautiful Creations is a "Present for Success" to enhance the life of youth who are at risk. Beautiful Creations by Chanel Inc., offers "Change for Prosperity" that's designed to provide school supplies, clothing, and mentoring opportunities.

Through these opportunities, we want to help advance a positive change in our youth. The future of our companies depends on our children's education now. What they lean throughout school, starting with Pre-k until their college graduation determines their ability to function in society as adults and successful business owners. Beautiful Creations by Chanel Inc. will empower our youths with academic studies/achievement, physical, healthy, etiquette, manners and volunteering and responsibility and many more beneficial attributes that will define them as a\the beautiful creations that they are.

Proud Third place winner for the Valdosta/South Georgia American Red Cross Heroes award.

Beautiful Creations by Chanel Inc is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization