Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What benefits does Beautiful Creations by Chanel Inc. have?
A: The benefits of our passion can allow today's youths to be prosperous and productive in today's society. Today's youths need to see how one person with similar disadvantages takes advantage of opportunities that have presented itself. Being able to motivate, empower and guide an at risk youth towards a more prosperous and productive lifestyle is most fitting and rewarding to us.

Q: Where does this organization see itself in upcoming years?
A: Within the next three-to-five years, Beautiful Creations wants to offer an outlet for children. This facility will serve as a positive outlet where kids can receive help with school through tutoring. They will also have positive role models involved with their lives to help mentor them. We will also offer a clothing and food bank, so those who are not fortunate to receive these items daily can come to our facilities. This center will also offer different programs and workshops that will help to shape our youth.